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new for old
2008-10-22, 10:23 p.m.

Dont know where to begin, its been SO long.....
I have FINALLY met what seems like a good man. We are 'in love' and everything is great, it seems, but as with everything i do there are complications and issues i need to get my head around.
The guy is a widower. I never met his wife, tho he is a local man and some of her friends and family are around here. I have never seen pictures, but am constantly wondering about her - whether i measure up in looks, shape, personality.... to be fair he loves me, so i should be content with that, right? but i am paranoid, as i have always been and am scared i will lose him.
It is not like going out with someone who has an ex, where things went wrong, where there were problems. he would still be with her if she hadnt got sick and died, so i feel the pressure to measure up somehow, be right for him, not be comparable except in a good way. i dont know if i am making much sense, but i know i wont really rest till we have talked about her more, till i have seen pictures etc etc. but I am TOO SCARED TO ASK........

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